17 January 2010

   The new blog is migrated and running. This space will no longer be updated.


Migration of le Blog

14 January 2010

   I have set my name in DNS stone and registered a new domain. I’ll be migrating this blog over to the new place soon with a new look to boot. For now, however, I will continue to write drivel and post it for no one to read in this space. Stay tuned.

My Defecathartic Weekend

11 January 2010

   So, I was all excited about CES and blogging my butt off about it until, on day two, I caught a stomach bug that knocked me on my ass for the weekend. The wind blasted straight out of my sails! Still, though, day one was great and there were a lot of interesting things at CES I’m sure to be commenting about over the next couple of days.


CES 2010 Day One

8 January 2010

   I’ve been seeing reviews and previews for a lot of great pieces of tech at CES so far today; one of which I may even purchase later this year. So far, CES seems to be more oriented toward innovations and improvements to existing concepts this year. Considering the state of the economy, that’s not a bad idea at all. So, without further ramble, my thoughts on a couple of things I’ve seen this year.

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CES 2010 Day One Tweets

8 January 2010


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Effective Immortality

2 January 2010

   I envision myself 80-90 years old with a frail and failing body, watching my twenty year old cloned body being prepared for brain transplant. The anesthesia comes into my bloodstream through an IV and the world fades to black. I don’t really have any perception of time or much else, but from nowhere I hear the doctor’s voice in the distance. It begins to come in to focus. I open my eyes. God, they feel so new. Everything is so clear. Feeling comes back in to my body and I feel so young and strong. With help, I sit up. I feel twenty years old again. Physically, I am. Thank you, Dr. Cumaean.

   This is effective immortality. This is, potentially, a possibility. What hurdles must be overcome to achieve it/ Should we even do this, at the risk of upsetting the balance of nature in the life-death cycle? How probable it is can be questioned and debated; it should be discussed.

CES 2010 Is Coming

2 January 2010

   Every year, I get excited like a little school girl for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV. I am nowhere near there, but I monitor the major tech content outlets for their reports, broadcasts and adventures at CES through the weekend. I love technology, gadgetry and the sense of wonder involved in previewing new concoctions and contraptions.

   This year’s CES will take place next weekend, from Thursday the 7th of January, to Sunday the 10th of January. More information on the show can be found at:

   Keep an eye out for my constant twittering and blogging through the weekend!